Trade In Mercosur is dedicated to represent companies of different areas within the Mercosur, our mission is to cooperate in the development of business relationship of regional companies with the rest of the world.
Thus, we satisfy both parts, due to the high quality of the products we work with.

Our office, based in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, places us in a privileged position to answer to our clients demands. We also have a staff of professionals working together from Brazil.

We believe in the advantages of taking part of the negotiations for our clients and for the companies we represent as well. This gives us the possibility of identifying the best market opportunities and to know how to react according to different situations.


We have worked with different products such as wine, leather garments, shoes, seafood products, meat, ceramics, art crafts, among others.

At the same time we are continuously working to find new products to keep up with our clients expectations and needs.


With 176.215 square kilometres, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, after Suriname.

Uruguay's economy is characterised by an export-oriented agricultural sector, a well-educated workforce, and high
levels of social spending, as well as a developed industrial sector

Nowadays, agriculture still contributes roughly 10% to the country’s GDP and is the main foreign exchange earner, putting Uruguay in line with other agricultural exporters like Brazil, Canada and New Zealand.

Campaigns like “Uruguayan grass-fed beef” and “Uruguay Natural” aim to establish Uruguay as a premium brand
in beef, wine and other food products.

In the last few years Uruguay has shifted most of its energy into developing the commercial use of IT technologies and has become an important exporter of software in Latin America.


Parque Del Plata:
Casa YAYTA,calle 7 entre H e Interbalnearia Km 49,Parque Del Plata .
CP 16100 - Canelones - Uruguay.
Tel.: (00 598) 43755785.
Cel.: (00 598) 9470 4644.